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About Us

Udyog Yojana Mission had started its charitable services in 2010 with an association of thirty broad-minded individuals. These individuals have contributed a little sum of money as financial aid to provide scholarships for deserving students. The financial contributions were extracted from their personal income.

All our activities have turned upside down with the breaking out of COVID-19. In order to empower, we have registered Udyog Yojana Mission, as a non-profitable educational charitable society in 2023. The Udyog Yojana Mission have restarted with a vision to achieve the ultimate aim of providing financial help for deserving students who are economically backward for completing their education. We have been inspired by the central and state government projects to provide job-oriented courses to the youngsters. India is a country with a large number of highly potential youth, but unfortunately, majority of them are directionless and are not getting proper training.

We have made a survey to find out job opportunities for students in India and abroad . We prepare, train and giving essential intellectual help for the youth to conquer the heights. During this span of time, we have trained and motivated thousands of young candidates to complete their studies and offer help in getting different job roles. We are proud of India’s integrity, secularism and democratic basics with the broad-mindedness of people to receive and approve all kinds of religions, culture, traditions and beliefs. We are very proud of India’s capabilities and we will serve India with extraordinary concept, ideology and integrity even from our limitations.

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